Book#5- contains spoilers Book#5- contains spoilers 189530702 T54 first production model Tank from the 7th Guards Tank Assault Brigade, 1st Guards Mechanised Rifle Division, unit under the command of Polkovnik Arkady Yarishlov. 194795348 Karelian Front OOB 195147430 Polar Front OOB 195147431 RBFSE Reserve Forces. 195147432 British 18th Army Group 195147452 SHAEF reserves 195147453 March 1946 Positions of major formations and the frontline. 195242279 Location removed to prevent you getting too worked up! 195709534 Spent a lot of the day with my bro and his good lady. Thanks to his efforts and forbearance, I give you the first draft of book#5s cover. Do enjoy, and read into it what you wish 195825720 196666407 196666408 196666409 196666410 the Battle of the Streams the Battle of the Streams, fought between the British and Soviet forces... 196666411 the Battle of Drulingen the Battle of Drulingen... US v Soviet... 196666412 the Battle of Ahlen the Battle of Ahlen... DRH [Deutsche Republikanischen Heer] v Soviet. 196666413