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Keith Lange
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For example, I don't think the Allies would let Poland come back under Communist rule, even though they might be pissed off with the current leadership once they find out the truth. But what about Hungary and the rest? Will Caissa or the accompaning bios give information?

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CONTAINS SPOILERS***** In short, most of Europe will be politically the same as it was. The exceptions for that are a Yugoslavia less interested than it was [which was little enough] in Soviet influence, a Greece whose Civil unrest peters out in nothingness, a resurgent Germany, and an independent Poland which is part of NATO already. Parts of Lithuania are already within NATO geographically, but that is a political question to be resolved in your own mind. I will not be addressing it further. The other end would see a Communist China, with the possibility of an independent Manchuria under the guardianship of the Allies, but most certainly a very different Korea one suspects.


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