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My oppo and I thought long and hard before we went for Kallistra hexon, and we were not disappointed. We havent seen anything that comes close when it comes to a variable set up for wargames. Obviously, fixed set ups can look fantastic.

One of teh things we wanted to exploit was the 12mm depth in Kallistra.

Here are some examples of how we have started to do that, and in doing so have created trench, sunken roads,and rivers that go below ground level and really create a feeling of contour and depth in the wargame table.

The hex are 12mm MDF cut to hex shape, 100mm from flat to flat, the same as Kallistra.

They look perfectly good alongside normal Kallistra stuff, and will look better and better as our method of preparing them improves. They are deisgned to complement Kallistra, as the existing system is fantastic in its own right.

I'll put a few pictures up in the graphics under teh section called Kallistra wargaming.

See what you think.


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