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The story line of the series is riveting !   I am a huge fan of the series and of being able to visualize the geographical movements that are so graphically described.   The granular details down to the specific villages and towns further enhance the story line.   As I am unfamiliar with most all of the specific towns and villages noted in the series, I have to look on-line at maps to see specifically how the battle lines are moving.   I enjoy all the maps that are provided and they provide an excellent military depiction of the battles described.   Unfortunately, the book medium is not such where you can adequately see all the features of the map.  Viewing the maps on your site helps immensely to clarify the maps from the book - thank you.    My suggestion would be to include maps that show a larger geographical area of the movemets of the armies in general - across a much larger area.    For example - maps of Germany, Poland, and Austria that show the overall battle lines based on the movements you describe in your books would help provide a better overall picture from the Baltic to the Alps and Italy & Poland.    I included some links to a couple maps to show you what I'm talking about.    I hope you're able to see them.  Thank you for writing all these books !!!             


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I have issues with maps. Ive done a europe map for most books that shows the locations within the book. As the maps dont seem to display properly in kindle format, except fire models, Im loathe to insert any more of them. Plus, Im at the end of the series now :-)

I will think on, but time is a valuable commodity for me already. Thanks for posting.


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