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Okay still reading the new book but something popped into my mind. the M3 half track is very thin skinned. Canada started making RAM and M-4s into Heavy APC's. they did not make many (compared to the us output). The older M-4s are know very much death traps and i think are being replaced with M4E8s and M46 and other heaver tanks. So what do you do with the tanks coming off the lines?

I think setting up a corp or army level depot to convert them would be a good use for them. the increase use of land mines means more mine clearing tanks and the APCs. i think they might go along the route the IDF did with theres in 50's and 60"s.


that do you all think? what could they do with the old tanks beside making a break water out of them. that is an option with all the damaged ports.

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This is something I have considered, but set to one side for now. The allies (Spain, Brazil etc) would probably have them as MBT as there would be little else available. Ive thought about upgrades, but short of going Israeli on the M4,  it has limited value. Prime movers suggest themselves of course, but probably an APC conversion is favourite. Thanks for the message.


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