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Hi. Age and size have caught up with me, so my friend and I are moving from a huge floor based wargaming area to a much smaller table based style.

Our area is going to be roughly 4.5-5 metres x 2.5-2.8 metres on a hip height framed surface.

We wargame in 20mm on a large scale:-)

At the moment, the front runner is kallistra's 100mm Nixon system, especially as they seem to be willing to produce bespoke tiles for us. Whilst it would require a change to our rules, but a manageable change, and the hexed would have benefits. Either way, when the rules are published they would reflect both formats.

Anyone have any other suggestions for good quality terrain boards, other than make your own :-)


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We went with hexon II from kallistra. Table is now built to a more comfortable 4.2m x 2.4m, more dictated by comfortable reach than anything else in the end.

Pictures will be posted in the graphics area shortly


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